Journal of Commander Lewis Adama Entry 01-02


“Kids” Grandpa said sounding intrigued, “I found this Journal in the attic today and I thought since we have a couple nights to spend until your parent’s pick you up I could read it for you it is very interesting and adventures. What do you say?” Mark and Debra cheered as they love adventure. Their Grandfather sat down on the old rocking chair and opened this dusty old book that was in his hand...

Review of Flash Optin


I bought Flash Optin a few weeks ago, but I’ve just recently started using it. The reason I bought it was that I thought they looked amazing, and from the sales page, it sounded like it was fairly easy to use. I am a newbie when it comes flash, and can’t imagine that I would be able to edit any flash files, well, maybe if I got some very detailed instructions. So, when I bought Flash Optin, it...

Plan Ahead to Avoid Disaster


No two ways about it. Disasters happen. Nature can cause problems. You can experience health issues that set you and your business back. You can also become a victim of thieves. However, you can plan ahead for a disaster and protect yourself from a worst-case scenario. Here’s how to plan ahead for a disaster. Make Sure You’re Insured Speak with your insurance broker to make sure you have enough...

On Page SEO Secrets


There is a big debate about the importance of On Page SEO compared to Off Page SEO. Let me just say hey why fight, do them both and you know your getting it right. So today I want to share some On Page SEO Secrets so we get the best results from the search engines. I believe that the first and most important step in this process is your keyword research. We need to pick a keyword to target before...

Niche Marketing To Craigs List


Most businesses these days have to do some sort of Internet niche marketing if they want to keep their head above water. If you are a small-business owner like me, chances are you have had to learn some niche marketing strategies in order to survive, perhaps even begrudgingly. I know myself, I would rather be focusing on learning more about my craft and my business itself, not the ins and outs of...

My Way Marketing Plan


The first call is our development meeting. It will begin with reviewing your information, firming up your mission and vision for your company and identifying your perfect client. The second call moves us into fun brainstorming of actual marketing ideas, steps to take and the outcome you want to achieve. Your best management and accountability system will be in place with your plan by the end of...

Rotary Power Tools


Rotary tools are the most effective method of cutting wood, plastic, aluminum, and other materials. They are classified into two main types: drill presses and chop saws. Although both are spinning cutting instruments, they have distinct functions. A drill press, for example, slices wood, while a chop saw cuts material at an angle. A best rotary tool rotates a bored, shaped cutting bit placed in a...

ROI Unlimited is a Home Based Business


If you take the time to Google home based business or make money from home. You will see thousands of so called businesses pop up. Most times these companies are not businesses at all, they are programs. Most of them have some rink dink product or no product at all which in that case makes them illegal. Due to the lack of knowledge and bad publicity these programs have given the Network Marketing...

What Message Does Your Local Small Business Website Deliver to Your Customers? – 5+ Pitfalls to Avoid: Social Media for Small Business, How to Social Media


First and foremost, the site has to work and it has to work in multiple browsers. Don’t let someone build you a website and then not test it in all common browsers. At a minimum you want to make sure they test with Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Microsoft Internet Explorer (notorious for not working, so make sure they test at least with IE release 7, 8, and 9), and Mozilla Firefox browsers. There...


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