Review of Flash Optin

I bought Flash Optin a few weeks ago, but I’ve just recently started using it. The reason I bought it was that I thought they looked amazing, and from the sales page, it sounded like it was fairly easy to use.

I am a newbie when it comes flash, and can’t imagine that I would be able to edit any flash files, well, maybe if I got some very detailed instructions. So, when I bought Flash Optin, it was with this in mind. I had to be able to use it without hardly any editing, and it should be fairly easy to install on my websites/blogs.

First, I think that the price is just right. It cost $27, and that’s not a whole lot, but all you get are various optin forms. You don’t get a system to help you earn money, or any information product, or any software for that matter. All you get are optin forms. But on the other hand, they are the coolest optin forms I’ve ever seen.

Optin forms are important, most of the time, they are the reason why people sign up for your newsletter or whatever you are offering. If you are using optin forms on your website or your blog, it’s important that they are designed by a professional. I’m not saying that a sales letter is not important, because if you are using a sales letter, well, then your optin form will be part of it and not the most important part, but that’s a different story.

1. Flash Video Opt-in Player
2. Blog Sidebar Opt-in Forms
3. Wide Opt-in Forms
4. YouTube Opt-in Templates
5. How To Create a Sales Video (tutorial)

You’ll see examples of how amazing looking all the opt-in forms are when you visit the sales page of Flash Optin. What I believe is the most important part, at least for me, when it comes to whether you should be buying this or not, is how easy it is to edit and install on your website/blog.

It was incredibly easy to edit the text. It was a separate text file with all the optin forms, and all I had to do was edit plain text. It was done in a matter of a few seconds. Now, I also got the source files, for every optin form. But since I’m not a guru when it comes to photoshop or flash, I’ll leave them untouched.

If all you need is to change the text, you’ll be up and running a few minutes after you’ve bought it.

I’m using AWeber  for my newsletter, and it was very easy to add the code from AWeber into Flash Optin. It took me less than a minute.

What I didn’t enjoy as much, was the lack of information when it comes to how to add the optin forms on my wordpress blog. There are lots of javascript and various code that I needed to add in order to get the forms to work. I tested it several times without any luck. In the end, I decided that using an iframe was the easiest solution.

At the moment, I am using iframes on my blogs, but that’s probably not the best way to do it. The most important part for me, it works and it looks amazing.

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