IPhone 5 VS iPhone 4- Which One to choose?


iPhone 4 was released in June, 2010. At that time, this was the thinnest phone in the world. People around the world eagerly waited to get this phone on hand. Back then it offered some very promising features which no other phone had offered before. In September, 2011 iPhone 5 was released. Initially there was much talk about the maps errors which was caused by the replacement of Google map with Apple’s own map. Although iPhone 5 did not meet the expectation of the iPhone lovers but it did offer substantial performance and connectivity improvements compared to iPhone 4,


iPhone 5 is 0.3 inch tall and 7.6 mm thick whereas iPhone 4 is 0.37 inch tall and 9.3 mm thick. If we compare the two phones iPhone 5 is longer and thinner than iPhone 4. This feature makes iPhone 5 easier to hold. Some say that it disappears in a pocket.


The slimmer iPhone 5 weighs less than the earlier models of iPhone in terms of overall weight. iPhone 4 weighs 20% more than iPhone 5. One can really feel the difference when the phone is in the palm of the hand. It is incredible light weight.

Camera and Display

Significant improvements in camera and display have been recognized by the iPhone 5 users. Low light shooting has been introduced in iPhone 5 and Face Time got an upgrade in order to make video calls look better in the longer screen. Both the phones have 8 Mega Pixel back camera. Although the pixel-per-inch (PPI) is identical in both the phones, but the iPhone 5 has the advantage of stretching dimension to allow a larger image.

The Table below will help you to compare Iphone Models:



* In inches, height x width x depth.

† These prices all require, or required, a two-year contract in the US. Unlocked and contract free iPhone models are, or were, available at a premium. In the US, the iPhone 4S currently is US$450 unlocked and contract free.


Processor and Ram

A6 dual core in the iPhone 5 has show unbelievably remarkable performance. It broke all the previous smartphone records. A6 was originally expected to run for 1GHz but it dramatically clocks itself up to 1.3GHz. A6 is smaller than A4 in iPhone 4. It consumes less power and boasts longer battery life.

Another reason behind the faster performance of iPhone 5 is its ram. iPhone 4 uses 512MB ram whereas iPhone 5 uses 1GB ram.

Storage iPhone 4 offers 8 GB of internal memory. iPhone 5 is classified in to 3 capacity of internal space starting from 16 GB then 32 GB and 64 GB. Price range of phone also varies depending on the memory offered.


It is estimated that iPhone 4 provides 6 hours of internet use on 3 G and 7 hours of talk time and iPhone 5 provides 8 hours of internet use and talk time on 3 G. Both the phones provide 10 hours of wifi networking.

Wireless Connectivity

iPhone 5 is the first phone to support 4 G. Mostly all iPhone 5 supports 4 G LTE networks whereas the iPhone 4 is only able to support till 3 G. iPhone 4 is also available in GSM networks.

let’s watch this video to make the concept more clear

Choosing your iphone model

If we compare the two phones, iphone 5 has the most promising features. It is light weight and extremely thin which makes it very comfortable for the user to operate and because of its larger screen users can now see more clearly. It also allows double, quadruple and octuple internal memory than iPhone 4 and its improved front camera allows a clearer video conference.

However, if you are looking for a low budget phone with high function features than iPhone 4
is not a bad choice, do not forget that it once ruled the hands of millions of people.

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