Intro to Creating Micro Niche Sites

Micro Niche Sites are a great way to start making money as an Internet Marketer and is currently my main focus. A Micro Niche Site(MNS) is a site in which has very little content and has a small amount of monthly search engine traffic that also has very low SEO competition and is easy to get ranked on the first page for. There are many benefits in making Micro Niche Sites and if done right can make you more than enough money to replace a 9 to 5 job. My favorite thing about MNS sites is that once the site is set up you are done and there is no need to come back to update the site.

It can be very simple to set up Micro Niche Sites, but if done wrong or not done right, then you could be missing out on $1000′s. I have been testing different methods of making MNS sites and I have gotten the process of creating these sites down to a science(I will share my process later).

How Do You Make Money With Micro Niche Sites?

MNS can be optimized with either adsense, amazon or other affiliate programs. When making MNS I tend to stick to using adsense ads on my sites because the income tends to be more steady and you get paid for each click of the ad rather than getting a commission on sales of a product like with affiliate programs and amazon. Although I tend to use adsense for most of my sites, I will still use amazon on certain sites that I feel would make more money by selling a product.

It doesn’t take years of experience to make money with MNS, all you have to do is place ads on your sites and have traffic flow to your site.

How Much Money Do Micro Niche Sites make?

I have created hundreds of Micro Niche Sites and have come up with the estimate that one of these sites will on average make $20 to $100 or even more per month. The great thing about it is once these sites are set up then you are done and they only take 2-4 hours to completely set up once you have some experience making them.

My current goal is to make 10 Micro Niche Sites per week to build up a steady passive income from adsense. Being able to make 2 of these sites per day, I can easily increase my monthly income by $50-200 in just one days work. These results won’t come until at least 2 months have passed though as they take time to get ranked in Google’s Search Engine.

5 Steps to Creating Micro Niche Sites:

1. Keyword Research

2. Purchase Domains and install wordpress

3. Install theme, plugins, template and customize

4. Add articles and images to the site

5. Do SEO for the site


Each step to creating Micro Niche Sites is very crucial to your results. If you are to do one of the steps wrong then your sites may not get ranked in Google’s search engines at all and that means no money from that site. It is important to have a decent understanding of each step before attempting to make your own Micro Niche Sites. I will be making a post for each step of creating these Micro Niche Sites, so keep checking in for future posts!




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