Not scheduled + Small icons in front of each counter line – Properties and Graph
Not scheduled + Icons at the top of the counters tab – Add and Remove
Not scheduled + Add two more tabs – User and Terminal (for future usage)
! Fixed
+ Added
– Removed
* Changed
? Known bug
# Information
2005-07-03 @ 05:45 HovMon v0.1 released
! A lot of bugfixes (too many to get in detail)
! HovMon is now able to store and resend the values it can not send to the database
+ Webpage – Information lines on graph can now be enabled or disabled (see Modify or Create counter)
* The “Add counter” interface has changed – it was not logical
2005-04-29 @ 01:26 Data insertion splitted in two
# to insert single values
# to insert data with HovMon Windows application
2005-04-24 @ 02:29 HovMon webpage updates
* Create and Modify counter has been updated
* Demo zone has been updated (includes source files for the graphs)
+ Graph fill colors (blue, green, navy, orange etc.)
+ Graph X axis text can rotate 360 degrees
+ Graph conversion between bits and bytes etc.
+ Graph subtitle added
2004-10-10 @ 02:07 HovMon v0.0.1.9 released
# Intial release