HovMon is in its entirety an internet graph, where you can collect and show whatever data you have collected. In its current state, it is very usefull to show your PerfMon graphs online. There is both a Windows application available and you can manually create and insert data into a graph, for example from your Unix shell or website. Besides a graph, you can see all the raw data in a textview.

We encourage you to test it and give us your feedback of it. Do you like or dislike it and is it a feature that you think you can use in your daily production enviroment (whenever it gets stable enough)?

Current features:
Windows performance counters
Unix shell inserts via eg. Curl

Hopefully future features (in the Windows version):
Server availability (web/database/mail/DNS etc.)
Server response time
Server uptime
SNMP monitoring
FreeBSD monitors
SMS/email notifications to the administrator when errors
Counter data export to all kind of formats (CSV, text reports etc.).

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