10 Common Misconceptions About Marketing on the Internet


1. Getting rich quick. There is no such thing as the magic bullet that will make you an overnight success. There are too many marketers who sell you the dream and not marketing. You have to learn the ropes of building a business system.

2. You won’t make any money. The internet is the biggest platform for business to market their service, and many smaller businesses are leveraging the internet to live the lifestyle of mobility. The key to success online is to focus, be consistent, and be persistence. The money comes after you provide value to people.

3. Anyone can do this. There is a learning curve you have to overcome. You need discipline and open mindedness due to the amount of information available online. Making money online is a business and it should be treated like a real business or else you will not be able to see the success you thought was possible.

4. Not everyone can do this. This is not true. If you have an open mind and is willing to learn how business works online, there are many ways to get help or outsource some of the tasks that you are not good at. Get a mentor who has achieve what you want.

5. It is too hard. It is hard when you have no clear direction or a plan to build your business. You have to become absolutely clear of what it is that you want to achieve. There are many people out there willing to help you when you get stuck. Plan the steps to building your business and then focus on each step and move to the next step when you are ready.

6. It will be easy. It only get easy when you have built a foundation for your business. You can’t build your house on sand and expect it to stand. You have to carefully create a system so that the business becomes fully automated so that you don’t have to monitor it 24/7.

7. It will only require 2-3 hours a day. The amount of hours you put in only matters if those hour are power focused on what you need to do. You can be productive but if your not doing the money making task, you are just wasting precious time. Focus on the activity that brings in money.

8. This is not a real job. It is NOT a job. Its a business. A job pays you for your labor. A business pays you for the value you put out to your customers. Online business is a REAL business.

9. The only good reason to do this is for the money. Money is never the reason why people build their business. Money is the reward that follows for the value the business puts out that helps or impacts peoples lives. When you chase the money first, you are setting yourself up for failure. People are becoming more aware of the scams and hypes online, and the more transparent you are in helping others, the money will naturally follow you.

10. It takes years to learn online business. Not true. You only need to learn each step in building your business. When you setup a plan, a step by step action blueprint for your business, you just need to focus on those steps one at a time until you firmly grasp the knowledge. Don’t try to get it right, just get it going like my mentor always reminds me!

Yoichi Nakanishi : I started my blog to journal every step I take to build my online business so everybody can follow as I go at YoichiSpeaks.com  By helping each other we will SUCCEED!

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