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Iphone Dev Secrets is a program to teach you or anyone to make an application for the Iphone. This application for IPhone and you do not have to be tech savvy. The Iphone Dev Secrets is an ebook that is a four week program that gives you the capability to building applications in just three weeks.


The application you build in three weeks will be basic and simple but it is a start. This would mean you be starting on building some top application to sell to make you some good money. In the third week you will have learned about the fundamentals you will meed like Coca 2nd kit, Xcode and Iweb Kit as well as 2nd and 3rd.

In the final week you will learn how to market and monetizing your creation. You have to be a member to get this Iphone Dev Secrets. The membership total price is $99.00 and you pay $1.00 the first month. Then on the second month you have to pay the rest $98.00. The first month is a trial period and after you pay the total amount on the second month.
After that you have3 a 60 day money back guarantee.

The Iphone Dev Secrets ebook is a great resource but could use some improvements to make to credible and user friendly. Another thing you must own an Iphone and be familiar with it. You have to have one to practice on this course. Be aware that you need to follow the course and the program tips to get good results. This is a necessary trade off if you want to be on your way to be a rich application developer. Of course a application developer can not please everyone but thee is a void that needs to be filled to increase the utility of the smartphone. Actually this course does not offer to instantly transform you into a programer genius. But instead it begins to introduce you to the art of programming slowly. Since you learn at home you learn at your own speed. Just think in three weeks you can make basic applications.

The first week is easy and enjoyable. It goes into basic topics about cocos 2nd toolkit. In the second week it goes more into depth study of the kit. Editing 3rd and 2nd graphics is taught in week three. The final week is about the marketing of your application. With Iphone Dev Secrets you can create your own games or applications that you can sell to your friends or app store. Everyone knows the Iphone and Ipad are a hot item right now and everyone can make money by developing games and apps that they can sell. After buying this software you can design a reverse phone search from scratch. With this software you no longer have to buy someone else application or games, you can create them on your own and sell them.

It does not mater if it is a school child or mature adult. All you need is a couple of hours, then design your game or application then sell it. Most people want to be unique and have cool stuff on their Iphone that no one else has. You can do this as there is no restrictions on how or what you do with your end results. Iphone Dev Secrets is the best solution to make better games and applications without any technical knowledge.


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