Journal of Commander Lewis Adama Entry 01-02

“Kids” Grandpa said sounding intrigued, “I found this Journal in the attic today and I thought since we have a couple nights to spend until your parent’s pick you up I could read it for you it is very interesting and adventures. What do you say?” Mark and Debra cheered as they love adventure. Their Grandfather sat down on the old rocking chair and opened this dusty old book that was in his hand. And he started reading in the glare of the fireplace…

“I have decided to write down the events that have occurred for the past couple of days, it’s been pretty hectic and confusing but I’ll try to shorten it.

Our cruiser had crashed on an unregistered planet in System 14. We lost engines and we glided through space. It wasn’t long before we discovered we were on a crash course towards a planet, we tried everything we could, but it didn’t make a lot of difference. Then we resorted to basic aerodynamic controls to make re-entry as smooth as possible. It was very confusing and disorientating the ship was a mess, smoke was everywhere, we were now properly on fire as we were entering the atmosphere and it looked like we had no chance of survival. I experienced a moment of Zen, everything slowed down just as we were descending through the last miles of our highway to hell, seconds away from death. We had finally hit the ground! It started to get really hot in the shuttle the windows filled with flames as the fire was spreading around the ship. We hauled to a stop as we hit a patch of trees.

The following days we had been trying to settle in and concentrate on our options, and we did our best not to think about reality and the fact we are stuck. The shuttle, also known as this pile of useless metal by the tree line was beyond repair. Engines were gone hull integrity was none existent. All we could use it for was shelter. We had gathered all bright minds of our crew and they will attempt to salvage the ships communication system. We all knew amongst ourselves that this is the end of us but we didn’t want to discuss it. For now we had a camp and a little settlement we started to call base. The whole crew of the shuttle was helping around all twenty people were active and fresh. We also organized a few men and women to attempt to find other civilizations and to generally explore the area. They left two days ago, since we have no real of communication we just need to stay put and wait.

So that’s it that is all we have been doing for the first 5 days of us being here. We try to stay organized and so far it’s going good and we remain strong. There was no relevant progress on the ships coms system, but there were a few electric shocks here and there, but that’s good at least we have electricity.”

“Today is the 6th day we’ve been on this, still unknown planet. There is a lot of vegetation around us, it is quite peaceful. We sent an expedition to look for cities or tribes we can find shelter at, so far no response from the team leader, Captain Edward. We can only hope they are okay. We ran out of supplies today, the little we had didn’t last us very long. We have devised a small storage locker inside the shuttle where we could store food and keep fresh water. The river looked pretty clean better than none. We should be able to find some fruits and vegies tomorrow morning. That could last us for another few days.”

Grandpa closed the diary and looked at the kids sitting in front of him wrapped into blankets. Debra said in the most adorable way possible: “No, read us more! Please Grandpa!” Grandpa smiled gently and said: “No, No we can continue tomorrow but now its bed time you need to sleep!” The kids moaned and said “Okay but remember to read to us tomorrow.”

“I sure will” said Grandpa while putting away the book on the shleve.

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