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If you take the time to Google home based business or make money from home. You will see thousands of so called businesses pop up.

Most times these companies are not businesses at all, they are programs. Most of them have some rink dink product or no product at all which in that case makes them illegal.

Due to the lack of knowledge and bad publicity these programs have given the Network Marketing Industry a bad name.

People have gotten use to seeing some sort of Matrix setup for these programs or a 1up or 2up pay out structure and we instantly sat it’s a Pyramid Scheme.

I could go into what a Pyramid Scheme really is but I’ve already written about that. It’s up to you to do your research before you judge any pay structure. But I will say just because a company uses a Matrix to compensate it’s workers does not make it a Scheme.

I have been online; marketing and working for 3 years and in that short time I have seen plenty of programs come and go. Most had a very weak product so they couldn’t make it. And some had no product or the product didn’t work and the Attorney General shut them down.

So why is ROI Unlimited different?

Well because we are a Home Based Business and not a program.

ROI Unlimited has 3 products that hold more value then the price you pay for them.

That alone will sustain any Home based business, rather it’s online or brick in mortar. When you have a product that holds a great value you have something that can last forever.

Nike’s may be expensive but I still have a pair I bought 6 years ago. All I need to do is put some new shoe strings in them and you would never know how old they are.

The value I got was worth the $80.00 I spent on buying them 6 years ago. So since Nike gives good quality they retain their customers and continue to grow year after year.

ROI Unlimited offers a Condo Card that offers hot deals where I could go to the Bahamas on 7/2/2011 and stay for 7 days for a total price of $275.00 normal price would be $925.00.


The Condo Card is a 1 time payment of $1,000.00 but you are a lifetime member. So use the card once or twice and the value will speak for itself.

The Condo Card is just one of three Great products that we offer the public with ROI Unlimited.



In just 6 months ROI Unlimited has grown to almost 15,000 members. More people are finding this great company everyday.

ROI Unlimited owners have covered all the bases to make us a legal viable business.

Again I said BUSINESS we are not a PROGRAM. We are not just exchanging money or selling products that do not work.


We are headed Main Stream and when that happens you will see us on TV. Now wouldn’t it be great if you were already a member before that happens.

Since our pay structure is built on team work, I can not even tell you how that would instantly change your financial situation.

Plus people throw numbers at you all the time so I am holding back in this article but I will say last night a older lady spoke about joining ROI Unlimited 3 months ago and she has made $70,000.00

Your program will not allow you to make that kind of money. Maybe the creator of your program will and his family and crooked buddies. BUT NOT YOU.


With ROI Unlimited you can sell the travel cards to anyone. The travel industry is a 7 Trillion dollar industry. You probably have stayed in a hotel in the last 6 months. Or you know someone who stayed in a hotel.

By becoming a member with ROI Unlimited that hotel stay could have been greatly discounted. With ROI you do not have to be a computer wiz.

ROI Unlimited has actually grown more from face to face sales, then by the internet marketers who are involved. That’s all because we have a real product to offer the market place. Your market place is where ever you choose to build.

It can be the on the Internet. your local church family. You can grow your business at the bingo hall. Or visit local hotels and airports and ask can you leave one of your discount travel brochures. It’s totally up to you where you want to market to grow your home based business.

If you truly do some research on ROI Unlimited you will not be able to find a weak spot in our Business Model.

If you will just share ROI Unlimited on a daily basis you will have success.
Grow your business is the words we use in ROI Unlimited.

If you want to build wealth in this world you have to be a Business Owner.
ROI Unlimited is a home based business that gives you that opportunity.

Don’t be fooled by the Nay Sayer’s.

They are just mad that a Real Business is here, to help the people they have been abusing for years.

Look into our Compensation Plan today and look into our Travel Discount Business and you will see that………..

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