On Page SEO Secrets

There is a big debate about the importance of On Page SEO compared to Off Page SEO. Let me just say hey why fight, do them both and you know your getting it right. So today I want to share some On Page SEO Secrets so we get the best results from the search engines.

I believe that the first and most important step in this process is your keyword research. We need to pick a keyword to target before we do anything else. This alone brings us to two more trains of thought.

Some believe that you should pick a keyword that has low competition so you can rank faster on the 1st page of Google. Others believe that you should choose a keyword that is being used frequently by PPC advertisers, because those keywords probably convert into sales better.

You will have to make the decision on which thought you want to support. But I have tools for each of them for you. If you want to scope out the competition use Market Samurai. If you want to scope out PPC keywords use Traffic Travis [http://web.archive.org/web/20111001110721/http://www.traffictravis.com/professional]. Both can be used for free.

Now that we have picked a keyword we need to strategically place it in our article. 1.) Place your keyword in your article title 2 times. This will really help your article get noticed. Also try to ask a question that will entice readers to come to you for the answers.

You also want to place your keyword in the first 50 words of your article. This is very important for your On Page SEO. You want to use between 1 to 3% keyword density in your article. Don’t let that number scare you, just place your keyword in each paragraph once and you should be close to that on a 300 to 500+ word article.

If you are using a WordPress blog you should have it customized in your permalinks to show the name of your articles. This will automatically place your keyword in your domain name which is huge for On Page SEO.



Value plus content equals 1st page of Google. You have to be giving value in your articles. We are in the information age and information sales!!! Give people what they need. If you can solve a problem you can make money online.

Every real company solves a problem. When your sink gets clogged you call a plumber because they can solve that problem. When your car breaks down you seek out a mechanic because they can solve that problem. Raise your knowledge level on any subject and you just raised your earning potential.

Jim Rohn use to say “The good things in life are put on the top shelf. The only way to reach the top shelf is by standing on the books you have read” Get information then give it away. That will catch the eye of your readers and the search engines.



Emphasize your keywords in your article. You do this by using the bold, italic and underline features. Just go through your article and every where you used your keyword make sure you either bold it, or use one of the other options.

Spread it around in your article. This lets the search engine spiders know what your article is about. That way it can be indexed quicker and get better rankings. Do not skip this tip, it makes a real difference in your On Page SEO results.

We also need to place our keywords in the Heading tags. We do this by using H1, H2 and H3 code in our HTML. Your heading tags break up your content and again assist the search engines in being able to understand what your post is about.

Finally to finish this article you will want to place your keyword in the alternate description of your images. People love pictures so use them in your posts. I know some of this stuff my be over your head but if your just getting started but don’t be discouraged. It’s all really easy once you learn it.

On Page SEO is a skill. It’s something you have to learn how to do. But once you get it you will be able to make a great living making money online. Taking advantage of organic free traffic with the search engines is the best type of marketing you can use. It’s free, it’s powerful and it’s long term. One well constructed article can make you money for years to come.

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