10 Places to Share Your Content

As a blogger, you need to share your thoughts with the world. Why else did you start blogging?
In order to do that, you can’t wait for the readers to come to you. You must share your content to get it seen and shared by your readers. Social Media has really opened up the possibilities for sharing and if you are lucky enough, having things even go viral. Not only is sharing important to reach an audience, it helps you build a network of other bloggers who can help share you things as well.
Here are 10 places to share your content:
1. Facebook. It goes without saying, that Facebook is where it is at. Beyond just sharing your content in your own feed, you can find groups on Facebook to network in and build a reputation.
2. Twitter. Twitter is known for helping things go viral, quickly. The great thing about twitter is, you can search out people and companies that are similar to your blog’s target audience and they may share your relevant content.
3. YouTube. While not a written platform, you can still use YouTube to share your content. Do a Vlog (Video Blog) occasionally to go with a post and you may get some followers out of it. Make sure to include the link to your blog.
4. Sverve. This is a new platform for female bloggers that will not only help you get review opportunities. but also it has a unique section that allows you to share your posts via “tips”. You gain followers on Sverve and have a popularity rating based on your posts or tips that you share.
5. Pinterest. This is a HUGE traffic getter for the blogger just starting out. Make sure you use a good photo when sharing on Pinterest and include some text on it so it pops out at other “pinners”. Just make sure to share evergreen content on there and not contests, giveaways etc. Evergreen content is content that can be shared over and over and has no specific time limit. Things like crafts, recipes, beauty tips and frugal living ideas are all great evergreen content.
6. G+. While I am personally not a huge fan of this platform, I know it is good for a lot of bloggers who use it regularly. It is similar to Facebook in set up, but since less people are on the network, things don’t get shared as fast.
7. Guest post. Writing a post on another blog can help you spread the word about your blog, plus, it is great for getting backlinks.
8. LinkedIn. Share your posts on this site and have your professional network see them and share. Just make sure you don’t post that rant about your boss!
9. Email Signatures. Include your blog link in your email signature. Curiosity might get the cat when it comes to people seeing your blog link.
10. Stumbleupon. While you are not supposed to stumble your own posts, when you get a networks of other bloggers built up, you can stumble each other’s and help out.
Where else do you share your content?

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