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First some quite exciting (okay, borring!) old history... zzzZZZ... zzZZZ.

The Hovgaard Klan was founded on a late night in Denmark - more specific on Thyholm in the FDF Kredshuset, 14. June 1993 (and no... Denmark is despite your believe NOT the capital of Sweden!) - see the proof here ;-) The clan was founded of two visionary young men... two men that would change the world to the better and who would glorify the memory of Johannes Hovgaard. First the clan did not know how to let the world know of Hovgaard but soon they came up with the great idea of making some small and high quality freeware and open source applications (whaaat!?).

The Hovgaard Klan has been quite active over the past years and below is a full list over the releases. Well, "release" is such a strong word but in our mind a release is when a minimum of ONE more person than ourselves is using the application! ;-) Eventhough there have been many released applications, there have been none released to the internet (not before HovText).

1993, HovDir (MS-DOS) - also known as "Hovgaards Universal Tool"
1995, HovBirth (MS-DOS)
1995, HovEvent (MS-DOS)
1996, HovFido (MS-DOS)
1996, HovPlay (MS-DOS)
2004, HovText (Windows)
2004, HovMon (Windows)

What are our goals with The Hovgaard Klan?

Hmmm... we like the idea of open source projects and we love to make our programs as simple and user friendly as possible. We just really hate when a program is hard to understand and difficult to use, so this is our little contribution to let the world know that "keep it simple"!

Now when all this crap has been said, the real reason is a little more simple and not as rosy as described above... Jesper is just simple coding the programs that Dennis needs! If others can use the programs also (including Jesper himselves)... well, that is just a little bonus ;-) And then of course we have a lot of fun with these small "projects".

[ Mr. Johannes Hovgaard himselves ]

[ Beauvais ketchup - a big influence in our life ]